Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Mattress

For more than a century Simmons Beautyrest has been providing some of the most supportive sleep solutions. A dedicated commitment to innovation and research has revolutionized the way people sleep. From the creation of the pocketed coil to the Recharge Sleep System, Simmons Beautyrest mattresses have always put the comfort of the consumer first. Simmons has discovered a way to incorporate their Pocketed Coil System into their new innovations, such as AirCool Memory Foam, Independent Support Technology and Gel Touch. Simmons has given sleepers a completely new way to experience comfort and support.

The Simmons Beautyrest mattresses come in a few different varieties. You will find some of the newest technology featured on the Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid series. The Pocketed Coil system that was developed so long ago still provides back support and motion separation to keep your sleep uninterrupted. Aircool memory foam will conform to your body and provide pressure relief, while still allowing freedom of movement. An Evenloft Panel is on the exterior of the mattress and provides conforming comfort with a high performance stretch knit fabric. Aircool Gel Memory Foam sits on top of the Pocketed Coils system and allows higher airflow to regulate temperature throughout the mattress. Aircool Max Memory Foam sits right underneath the Evenloft Panel and uses conductive properties of micro-diamond technology to move heat away from the surface of the mattress. The bed is finished off with Aircool Beautyedge Foam that encases the entire mattress and encourages airflow while offering support and stability right to the very edge.

The Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid series is just one of the many mattresses available from the Simmons Beautyrest line. If you are not interested in the features that are offered in the hybrid mattresses, there are many different variations of Simmons Beautryrest mattresses available.

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Glideaway Regal Adjustable Bed Review

The Glideaway Regal adjustable base is an impeccable blend of affordable price and features. You will find that getting to sleep becomes easier and easier every night. Customizable positions can be saved so that you can get to them quickly.


The Regal features a German designed frame and motor. The frame has a focus on strength, while managing to still be lightweight. Angled iron and steel create the tubular frame. A dynamic force motor utilizes noise displacement to remain quiet during motion. The motor is extremely energy efficient even in stand-by mode.


The weight capacity is 800lbs on the two twin xl configuration that creates a split-king. Many people may not consider the weight limit when purchasing an adjustable bed. If you have children or pets, you have to add their weight with your own if they are ever on the bed with you. Then you would take into account the mattress, pillows and blankets. It can be easy to get a lot of weight to sit on your bed. You want to be able to move the bed no matter what is on it, not worry if things cold be too heavy. Luckily, the weight capacity on the Glideaway Regal adjustable bed will allow you to remain worry free every time you move the bed.


A vibration motor is positioned in the mid-back area of the Regal. The motor features four different levels of intensity and wave modes and can be set to three different timer options. Not only will this be a new way to wake-up, but a different way to fall asleep as well. There are studies suggesting that total body vibration can increase circulation, muscle strength and flexibility. The massage feature is quiet, but will create a level of white noise that can be calming to many people.


There are many additional features that will make your life easier once you have the Glideaway Regal adjustable bed. The remote has a flashlight feature on the end that will allow you to see at night. Or you could turn on the under bed light that will illuminate the floor of your room without waking your sleeping partner. There is a pocket on the base that creates a space for you to store the remote. If you happen to misplace the remote, or your phone is near, you can use the Glideaway Bluetooth app that is compatible with android and iOS. The app will allow you to control many of the features of your base and mimic the layout of your remote. There is a charging station with 2 USB ports on each side of the bed. This way you will never have to worry about your devices losing their charge.

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses


Simmons Beautyrest mattresses have been around for a very long time. This has given Simmons a chance to perfect their mattresses so that you can get to sleep easier. Developing the pocket coil system was the perfect base for their mattresses. Over the years they have been at the center of mattress innovations. In more recent years they have developed hybrid technology that has been infused with their proven pocket coil system. The foams that Simmons uses for their hybrid mattresses encourage airflow. This helps alleviate the ‘hot’ feeling that some users complain about when using a foam mattress. The Simmons hybrid mattresses are packed with cooling technology. This is a prime example of Simmons seeing that the customers are not happy with something and changing it to suit the needs of the people.  Simmons is a company that has been around since the early 1900s and is a company that you can trust is going to give you a quality product.

Raven & Bas-X 2.0 Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds


Raven and Bas-X 2.0 are two entry level adjustable bases. Leggett & Platt adjustable beds are feature packed and economical, but these two bases are going to give you the essentials at a price you will not be able to beat.

The features on both the Raven and the Bas-X 2.0 are extremely similar. They both utilize the micro-hook retention system and have a weight capacity of 850lbs on a split-king. The sizes that the beds come in are also very similar with the Bas-X 2.0 not being available in a split-queen. Head articulation is available on both of the beds with the Raven having foot articulation, while the Bas-X 2.0 goes without. Finally, the Raven has a wireless remote that includes a flashlight on the tip, which will make getting around at night easier. The remote on the Bas-X 2.0 is wired, which can be a benefit as you will always know where it is.


The Raven and Bas-X 2.0 adjustable beds from Leggett & Platt both start under $700. This is an amazing opportunity to get an adjustable base and see if it is something that you will like to incorporate into your sleep routine. It is also a perfect chance to get an adjustable bed for a guest room.

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds


Leggett & Platt has released all new adjustable beds. They have taken customer opinions and made some of their previous models and made them better. Each individual base has perks. Find out about some of the great new features on all of the Leggett & Platt adjustable beds.


Micro-Hook Retention System

The micro-hook retention system is now available on all of the bases. The micro-hook retention system consists of two strips of Velcro-like material that run across the width of the bed. The Velcro-like material will hold the mattress in place when the bed is in motion. This allows you to no longer use the retainer bar, that is commonly found on many adjustable bases. The retainer bar is still included. If you decided to use a bed skirt, the micro-hook retention system wouldn’t work.

Weight Capacity

Another feature that you will find across all of the new adjustable beds is the increased weight limit. The lift capacity on split kings is 850lbs. Many other adjustable beds only go up to 700-800lbs. The weight limit might not seem like such a big deal, but when you take into consideration the kids and animals jumping on the bed with your, it can add up. Now with the increased weight capacity, you will not have to worry about the lift capacity being an issue.


The final features that has been spread across all of the new mattresses is head and foot articulation. Articulation is going to allow you to move the bed into a position that you find most ideal for sleeping, reading or watching television. The Bas-X 2.0 only has head articulation. Other sizes vary, but all of the beds come in Twin XL, Queen and Split King. If you are looking for a different size, check out the individual base.

There are other features that have been included on all of the new and revised bases. We will save those details for posts on the individual beds.

Introducing the Glideaway Comfort Base App

Technology is undeniably a major part of our everyday lives. Many adjustable bases now have features that allow you to plug in your phone or device for charging at night. This was the start of some companies acknowledging that most people use there phone in bed. Glideaway has taken it a step further with the Comfort Base app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet.

The intent of the app is to mimic many of the features that you would find on the remote that is included with your adjustable base purchase. The instant benefit of having an app is that you never have to worry about trying to find the remote. Once you have selected the base that you own, the screen will then mirror what you would see on the remote.

One of the features that is available on the remote is the ability to set an alarm to wake you in the morning. If you are using the Elevation model, the alarm will sound through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. With this technology you can also play music through the same speakers. You can even incorporate memory settings that will work with your alarm, allowing you to wake up in a whole new way.

Using the remote gives you full access to the position customization of your bed. You can also adjust the anti-snore feature and the under-bed lighting. The massage features that are available can also be controlled from the app.

Dan Baker, the executive vice president of sales in North America is very proud of the app. “Our Comfort Base App takes full advantage of all the functionality we’ve packed into our Ascend and Elevation bases. Consumers increasingly want to simplify as many elements of their lifestyle, without worrying about multiple devices throughout their home.”

The Comfort Base app is currently compatible with the Elevation and Ascend adjustable bases, which are both here on Bedplanet. As new bases are developed Glideaway will determine which ones will benefit from the use of the app. The app is available in the google play and the apple app store.

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Introducing the Kushion Bluetooth Speaker

In the past other companies have tried to combine speaker technology into a pillow. The result has always been a muffled attempt that resulted in failure. Finally, someone has figured out how to do it properly. The Kushion Bluetooth Speaker pillow is not the first one ever created, but the first one that has been done properly.

Kushion was developed over the course of two years. This isn’t a product that has been just thrown on the market to grab as much cash as possible. The Pillow is often compared to top selling name brand headphones and oval shaped speakers. The multi-functional Kushion is great for music, phone calls or even gaming. When you compare this pillow to other Bluetooth pillows on the market, you will instantly not only hear the quality difference, but see it as well. This is a pillow that you will want to put front and center in your room, not hide on your bed.

The Kushion connects through your phone through Bluetooth. They have managed to establish one of the longest Bluetooth ranges on the market. Eight hours of continuous music is able to play through the speaker. You can plug your phone directly in to charge it, although that will take away from the longevity of the speaker. An auxiliary connection is available as well if you want to forego the Bluetooth. If you want to spread the sound throughout the house, you can connect multiple cushions together. This way no matter where you go, you will be able to hear your favorite song, or continue a phone call.

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