Daybed Euro Decking From Fashion Bed Group

Daybeds are such a versatile piece of furniture to have in your home. They allow you to provide additional seating, an extra bed for an unexpected guest or an accent to one of the rooms in your house that beautifully houses all sorts of additional functionality. This year at the LV Furniture Market here in Las Vegas, NV we visited Fashion Bed Group in their showroom in the Market to see what was new and upcoming so we knew how to handle their products for the coming year. This year they introduced us to this new Daybed feature that will be available shortly on their daybed collections. The Euro deck! This version of the decking would take the place of the link spring underneath your mattress.

This new decking consists of wooden slats that bear the weight of the mattress and anyone sitting or laying on them. These are compatible with most of their current daybed line-up and will be available on our site within the next few days.


This decking provides a number of benefits. First, its much lighter weight, making your daybed a little easier to move and adjust as necessary. It’s also much smaller and less expensive. You will save significantly on the overall price of the daybed with the euro deck included. So if you are looking for a cost-effective daybed support, this might be right up your ally.

We offer a full collection of Daybeds from numerous manufacturers, as well as Daybed ensembles so you can have your daybed reflect the style of your room with ease.

More to come about our different visits to LV Market vendors, so you get a look at what’s coming soon before we actually get it on out website!

Following post was first seen on New Daybed Euro DeckingFrom Fashion Bed Group.Find out more information on Bedplanet.


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