Leggett & Platt AreGiving You Options


Leggett & Platt has redesigned the legs on some of its adjustable base models with more to come. Formerly the legs usually consisted of casters that you find on most beds. They have now been replaced with telescoping legs that have multiple benefits.

The telescoping legs that are used on the Leggett & Platt bases have been pressure tested up to 2200lbs. One would think that something that has been tested up to that high would be impossible to move. That is not the case with these legs. You can choose between a height of 6”-10” and adjust the legs by simply clicking the tabs. You can now use your adjustable bed base as a platform bed without having to buy new legs.

This is just one of the many great features that Leggett and Platt provide for you in their adjustable bases. They still realize that it is great to have options, and different legs can be purchased at an additional cost if the telescoping legs do not fit your current needs.

Following post was first seen on Leggett & Platt AreGiving You Options. Find out more information on http://www.bedplanet.com/.


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