Sealy Hybrid Mattresses Are Here!

The new Sealy Hybrid mattresses are now available here at As the new generation there are some notable improvements over the old hybrid mattresses that are designed to provide you the best nights sleep you have had in many years. Lets take a look at the upgrades and you can take a look at the mattresses for yourself!

  • Zoned Individually Wrapped Coil System –  The new Sealy Hybrid mattresses feature Sealy’s new Embrace Plus Coil system that features individually wrapped coils instead of an interlaced system. This improves contoured support across your whole body while minimizing motion transfer. An added benefit can be found in the center third of the mattress, the coil density has been raised by 30% in this part of the mattress. This has a number of benefits:
    • Improved Comfort & Support where you need it
    • Improved mattress durability
    • Improved mattress Longevity
  • 3.5″ HD Edge System –  Prevents roll-off, and allows you to use the entire sleeping surface of the mattress. This also provides a comfortable seating surface around the edge of the mattress
  • Breathable Fabric Covering –  Around the sides of the mattress is a new, more breathable, fabric that helps promote airflow and cool down the mattress.

These are only a few ways that the new hybrid mattresses have improved to provide you with an unprecedented night of sleep. check out the new models and see for yourself! Also coming soon is information about the new Sealy Posturepedic mattress line-up.

Following post was first seen on Sealy Hybrid MattressesAre Here. Find out more information on BP.


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