Simmons Is Pioneering Tomorrow’s Sleep Technologies

Simmons has been a pioneer in the mattress industry from the start. Switching from woven mattresses to coils in the early days, the company changed the cost of mattresses across the board. They went on to create the first king and queen size mattresses. Sizes that are now standard in almost every master bedroom in the country, if not the world.

Moving on with the times they continued to create new products and designs for the mattress world. Simmons was the company that created the hybrid mattress. This mattress is a combination of coils and foam. Providing you maximum amounts of support and comfort simultaneously. The industry’s first hybrid mattress was a Beautyrest mattress produced by Simmons in 2008.

Simmons introduced the first Pocketed Coilspring back in 1925. They are made in house out of high-carbon steel. The custom-gauge coils are uniquely shaped, pre-loaded and bonded for ultimate responsiveness, stability and motion. You can’t just put any memory foam on top of the amazing coils. Aircool®Max Memory Foam features Simmons technology that pulls heat away from your body all night long. The foam then creates the coolest, most comfortable sleep of your life.

Simmons has been the leader in many of the great changes that have occurred in the mattresses industry. It makes you wonder what they could possibly come up with next.

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