Stearn & Foster Intellicoil System


All the Stearns & Foster mattresses Bedplanet carries feature their Intellicoil 2.0 system. Intellicoil is an exclusive coil design that delivers variable support, with an outer coil for durable comfort and an inner coil that adapts precisly to the shape and weight of any body.

Intellicoil is a dual coil system that features a coil within a coil. The outer and inner coil system is made from the same wire. The outer coil is longer and gives more easily to pressure. Then it catches onto the inner coil allowing the two coils to work together to provide impressive support system. Amazing what teamwork can do. Intellicoil was established to be supportive while maintaining a higher comfort level than a single coil would.

The Intellicoil system is just one of the many features that Stearns & Foster mattresses provide. These high quality mattresses will help you rest easy each and every night.

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