The Rossetto Air Platform Bed Collection Is A Modern Marvel

Designed By the Kings of Modern Furnishings Comes the Rossetto Air Platform Bed Collection

A gorgeous and ultra-modern looking bedroom collection to make any master bedroom standout is included in the features of the  Rossetto Air Platform bed collection.

When you first get a glimpse of this unique bed you’ll think it is floating on air. The makers created this feel by putting the aluminum legs in a recessed position. This specific bed has a luxurious low profile frame and mattress. You don’t want to use a mattress larger than 10” otherwise you will lose this sleek and contemporary fashion, and the purchase of why Rossetto designed it.

This collection has options for you to purchase so you can create the perfect modern master bedroom. The nightstand, chest and dresser will complete the chic style you are looking for. Each piece is specifically crafted to fit in a certain area of your bedroom and to be placed distinctively keeping the bed as the centerpiece in mind. The Italian designers use art in their creations, so if you are an extravagant person, you’ll love that all the manufacturing is done in Italy.

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