Walnut Finish For The Rossetto Vela Bedroom Collection

Rossetto Italian furniture has been a leader in unique contemporary looks for many years now. In 2016 Rossetto has expanded their collection to include new finishes for a few of their current collections to give you a better range of products to choose from. We’re going to talk a little bit about the Vela Platform bed collection and what is now available for you to look at.


The Rossetto Vela bedroom collection features sleek modern Italian style and with a minimalist feel thanks to the lack of adorning drawer hardware. This collection is now available in Oak, and Walnut to give you a choice between two different finishes, and two different looks for your bedroom space. Walnut is brighter and more cheery, while the Oak keeps an earth-toned, relaxed look. Take a look at the listing itself and get a closer look at the new look for the Vela platform bed.

Following post was first seen on New Walnut Finish ForThe Rossetto Vela Bedroom Collection. Find out more information on Bedplanet.


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