Leggett & Platt Premier Adjustable Base Telescopic Legs

New to the Leggett & Platt premier series adjustable bases is an exciting innovation. The telescoping legs! These legs allow you to customize the height of the bed much more easily that previous versions. Simply press the button and extend or retract the leg to the desired height. This adjustable leg creates a bed height (before you add your mattress) of 14-18″. Just add your mattress thickness to get the total bed height.
Many customers were concerned that the buttons would slip after a while a shrink your bed height, but this does not happen. The new legs have been pressure tested up to 2200 lbs and will not slide unless you physically press the button and extend or retract the leg. Check out the new Premier P-132 adjustable base, or the Prodigy 2.0 adjustable base as this leg style is shipped with these two adjustable bed models.
Following post was first seen on Leggett & Platt Premier AdjustableBase Telescoping Legs. Find out more information on Bed Planet.

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