Introducing the New Glideaway Freestyle Adjustable Base

It is hard when you want the best of two worlds, but nothing will bring those two worlds together. That is something that many adjustable bed owners have felt. When shopping for a new bed frame for your adjustable base, platform beds have been a hassle that required extra pieces to be purchased. No base would instantly work with a platform bed….until now.

Adjustable Base for Platform Beds

If you have owned a platform bed with drawers and always wanted to have an adjustable bed as well your wish has been granted. The  Glideaway Freestyle Comfort Base is and adjustable base for your platform bed. It comes in a 3 inches profile frame and is the first of its kind that can be added to an existing foundation or platform bed. Now you can enjoy all the features found with other adjustable beds with your existing bed frame.

The Glideaway Freestyle Comfort Base was specifically designed for existing foundations and platform beds. This isn’t a base that is just going to work with those frames, it was created with that purpose. The sleek midnight black finish will help the strong steel frame blend in with many different styles.

Glideaway Features

Glideaway didn’t sacrifice anything when building this base. You are still going to get the German engineered motor, safety plus features and the wireless backlit remote. The Freestyle Comfort Base is the first of it’s kind and will not only create a stylish look to your bedroom, but also give you an amazing night’s sleep.

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