Raven & Bas-X 2.0 Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds


Raven and Bas-X 2.0 are two entry level adjustable bases. Leggett & Platt adjustable beds are feature packed and economical, but these two bases are going to give you the essentials at a price you will not be able to beat.

The features on both the Raven and the Bas-X 2.0 are extremely similar. They both utilize the micro-hook retention system and have a weight capacity of 850lbs on a split-king. The sizes that the beds come in are also very similar with the Bas-X 2.0 not being available in a split-queen. Head articulation is available on both of the beds with the Raven having foot articulation, while the Bas-X 2.0 goes without. Finally, the Raven has a wireless remote that includes a flashlight on the tip, which will make getting around at night easier. The remote on the Bas-X 2.0 is wired, which can be a benefit as you will always know where it is.


The Raven and Bas-X 2.0 adjustable beds from Leggett & Platt both start under $700. This is an amazing opportunity to get an adjustable base and see if it is something that you will like to incorporate into your sleep routine. It is also a perfect chance to get an adjustable bed for a guest room.


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